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FUTURE CAPE TOWN | Voices of the City: Darren Blair

Our voice of the city this week is a passionate about Cape Town, traveling & commuter cycling through the city who currently works as the Sales and Client Service Manager for Blok, Darren Blair.

FUTURE CAPE TOWN | The trains for future of South Africa’s cities

The firsts new PRASA commuter trains produced at Alstom’s Lapa plant in Brazil will be ready by the end 2015.

Have Metrorail really improved by 30 ways in 30 weeks?

We asked a number of actual Metrorail commuters to provide us feedback on the apparent 30 improvements made by Metrorail in 30 Days.

Future Smart Reads July 8, 2012

Future Smart Reads, a weekly installment of articles that have grabbed our attention, from cities across the world.

Should cities take over the operation of rail services?

Differing views about the role cities should play in the operation of rail services. Vote at our poll.

The Top 20 Walking Cities

The world’s top 20 Walking Cities. Can you find your city?