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Future Cape Town and Blok PARK(let) competition

Future Cape Town and Blok are proud to announce Parklet design competition winner, Jaun Van Wyk.

Informal Trade Cape Town

FUTURE CAPE TOWN | Will ideas competition improve informal trading conditions?

The City of Cape Town has launched a global ideas competition to improve the conditions and opportunities for the informal trading sector in Cape Town.


Design competitions in 2015: From Chicago to Dakar

While Cape Town’s reign as World Design Capital has been passed on to Taipei, there is no reason to stop designing. From Chicago to Dakar, organisations and institutions are encouraging students and urbanists from around the world to tackle relevant and pressing issues.


The 2014 World Cities Day Challenge: champion your city’s best idea

The World Cities Day Challenge will be held on 31 October and you have until 26 September to enter. It is calling for the best ideas from cities around the world – one idea, pioneered by your city, that other cities should adopt. And you could be the person to represent your city on the big day.

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Joburg’s Finest – The Gauteng Institute for Architecture Awards

The Gauteng Institute for Architecture Merit Awards has become an esteemed recognition of great architecture in the city, with increasing submissions and contenders. Here are some of the winners from the most recent awards held late last year.


If Cape Town made Monocle’s liveable cities list

Every year Monocle magazine publishes its list of 25 most liveable cities. How does Cape Town compare to the this year’s top 25?


Re-thinking a new Athens city centre

Re-thinking the city centre of Athens. The Onassis Foundation organized and funded a European Architectural Competition for the creation of a new city centre, a project centered around Panepistimiou Street.

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Your City Idea: Win a LandScape Architecture Cape Town Book

Your City Idea for better and improved public spaces could win you a LandScape Architecture Cape Town book.

Tall Buildings Week: 3 Skyscraper ideas that could change the world – eVolo

Tall Buildings Week consists a series of articles and blog posts focused on the draft Tall Buildings Policy put forward by the City of Cape Town, which will “provide guidance during the early phases of the design and planning process for tall buildings in Cape Town”. The draft policy is available for perusal from 1 […]