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Why cycling should matter when planning the future of South African cities | FUTURE CAPE TOWN

South Africa is not a country of cars. In fact, the majority do not own cars. Brett Petzer makes the case for cycling, and why it should matter to the future planning of South African cities.

To be tolling or not be tolling?

In our first installment of 5Q we interview Andres de Wet, Convenor of the proposed Breede Valley Partnership, about his views regarding the proposed tolling of the N1 and N2 by SANRAL. The current plan is to toll the N1 from the R300 to Sandhills in the Hex River Valley (mostly rural areas) and the N2 from the R300 to Bot River. In this interview, we explore some of the potential issues, including the impact on the economy and alternative long term solutions.

Sao Paulo: A city with 180km traffic jams

The BBC reports on the South American city with 180km of traffic jams, Sao Paulo.

Congested Cities Week: Which factors in Cities are correlate to traffic congestion

What are some of the factors impacted by or correlated to traffic congestion? The Correlation Heatmap in the Cities of Opportunity report by PWC provides a useful tool.