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FUTURE CAPE TOWN | Planning the Cycling City

When one realises that a cycle lane barely wide enough for a car can move as many people as a four-lane highway – and in total silence – it is hard to think of sprawling, car-dependent societies as a utopia of personal freedoms. Brett Petzer shares his experiences and thoughts on planning the Cycling City.

Solutions from Copenhagen: Interview with the Mayor

Governing the rich world’s greenest capital city is Frank Jensen’s day job. In our moment with the man who has overseen a sustained rise in bike modal share in Copenhagen, we asked a question that goes beyond the better-known metrics: how does Denmark build the consensus that is required to think and plan long-term, and to make collective sacrifices for the collective good?

I’m one of those obnoxious people who is proud of not having a television, but I nevertheless found out that this aired Tuesday and am quite taken with it. CNN came to our city to talk about how the Copenhagenization of cities can occur, and I’m pleased that the piece actually highlights why cycling here […]