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Cape Town cycle lanes to go green!

Following the successful trial of green painted cycle lanes in a section of Bree Street, the City of Cape Town has made a decision to demarcate all cycle lanes that are in roadways by painting them green.

Cape Town's first little Parklet. This one's based on Bree Street. This one will soon be joined by ones popping up in The Fringe District, Campsbay and as far as Houtbay.

Future Smart Reads, 16 Sep 2012

Since we missed last Sunday’s Future Smart Reads, this one is nice and long. Links from Creative Week Cape Town, Cape Town’s first Parklet and a beautiful video on oil/petrol.

#TransportMonth from Cape Town: BMW in the cycle lanes

by Adriaan Bester

As much as public transport in Cape Town is a priority to some, and a dream for city planners, its far from being a state of mind to all. Motorists battle firstly to reduce time spent in their pricy cars, and when they do, still find newly built cycle lanes convenient to park […]

Part 4: The Lone Cyclist

The art of mobile meditations
By @aiBester

What got me back on a saddle, rising petrol prices and environmental aspirations aside, was a far more direct request from a friend to shake the growing bloated ego I was nursing. He was too kind to be as blunt, yet the message was clear: do something to rekindle your […]

Cycle Superhighways

Can Cape Town learn from London’s Cycle Superhighways?

On 11 July 2011, London opened two new Cycle Superhighways – with the vision of having 12 continuous bicycle ‘superhighways’ into central London 2015. These superhighways has promised a wonderful idea to fellow bicyclists, but has been met with a little criticism relating to disconnection at some points.

From what’s available on the internet, these Cycle Superhighways […]