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FUTURE CAPE TOWN | Planning the Cycling City

When one realises that a cycle lane barely wide enough for a car can move as many people as a four-lane highway – and in total silence – it is hard to think of sprawling, car-dependent societies as a utopia of personal freedoms. Brett Petzer shares his experiences and thoughts on planning the Cycling City.

WATCH: Portland, a Global Model of Transit-Oriented Development

Portland, the largest city in Oregon with over 600, 000 inhabitants has become a global model of transit-oriented development (TOD). A key element of TOD is the human scale – creating streets that are not only auto-friendly but also amenable to cycling and walking.

Can transport speak to development?

Here we recap eight of the main ideas of the Institute for Transportation & Development Policy (ITDP) for transit-oriented development.

Learning from the 2013 Index of Bicycle Friendly Cities

The second edition of the Index of Bicycle Friendly Cities is out: Steven Bland takes a look to see who the movers and the shakers are in the global cities bicycle race, and what Cape Town can learn from the index.

10 ideas for boosting cycling in Cities

The fourth edition of #CityTalk entitled “Cycling and Cities” was yet another success, reaching close to 30,000 people. We were honoured to be joined by the European Cyclist’s Federation and Iván De la Lanza from Ecobici, who helped set the scene for a fast paced discussion and debate on the role of bicycles, infrastructure and communities in building sustainable cities.
We […]