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Why inner city housing is possible : Calls to halt sale of prime city land in Cape Town | FUTURE CAPE TOWN

[ February 13, 2016; 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. ] Organisations in Cape Town call for government authorities to consider more inclusive and visionary uses for 4 well located, inner city land parcels.

City Development Update: The Mirage

Future Cape Town will be showcasing images by our friend, Andre Wessels, also known as, #Citywalker , on site at various major and minor buildings being constructed or refurbished in Cape Town’s Central City.

Gentrification should be worked into the City: The challenge for Cape Town

Gentrification has many forms and definitions. A recent Case Study on gentrification in Woodstock defines it is as, “a transformation of a dilapidated neighbourhood into an upgraded, attractive area with an influx of a higher social class that is pushing out the original, poorer residents”. So can gentrification work for everyone?