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Young people building a new vision for Port Elizabeth : Young Urbanists meet in Nelson Mandela Bay

On September, Port Elizabeth had the opening of a new Young Urbanists chapter

Future Cape Town, Future Lagos cover 5 cities in one month, spark collaborations

FUTURE CAPE TOWN and FUTURE LAGOS have over the past month exported and shared our knowledge at multiple fora in cities outside of Cape Town and Lagos, including Barcelona, Medellin and Bristol.

If Mayors Ruled the World

Many mayors are impressive figures and time appears to be on their side. Nation states (particularly the large ones) have an increasingly hard time and, in the context of a process of globalization, cities, and particularly small city-states, increasingly emerge victorious. Cities have first-hand experience with many of the things that occur in globalization’s wake, such as immigration and cultural and religious diversity, and are generally less dogmatic and more practical in dealing with them.

Cape Town Stadium: Accessible versus transparent.

After a comprehensive public participation process about the Cape Town Stadium business plan and proposed operating model, a public-private partnership model was approved in Council, but finding the document was not so easy.

Not flying close enough to the sun: what Prague has in common with the southern tip of Africa

While standing in a very long queue at Passport Control, Pamela Hellig had time to consider the surprising parallel histories of Prague and Cape Town, and the years it takes for cities to heal.

Emergent Planning or bottom-up urbanism?

What is the evolution that planning and, more generally, the act of governing has experienced?

“Viva Chaos” (in cities) says architect Daniel Libeskind

by Daniel Libeskind
Design democracy and technology mean our cities will be shaped by citizens rather than authorities in the future, thus they will be less ordered and more like giant works of art. Come on, embrace the mess.

Visions of the future of the city have been disseminated through the media of literature and film and […]