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FUTURE LAGOS | Office Developers Finally Respond to Parking Problems

Lagosians have become accustomed to the inherent problems that come with inadequate parking facilities and with the lack of adequate public transport, is the future looking bleak?


Loss of Cape Town farmland will be an irreversible threat to food security.

The proposal to turn some of Cape Town’s last remaining farmland over to urban development would be an irreversible loss of agricultural assets and a threat to the food security of the city’s economically vulnerable population, as Tamsin Faragher warns.


Wescape: Privatising the profits and socializing the risk?

The City of Cape Town recently approved an application to move the approved urban edge to accommodate a 200,000-home residential and commercial development called “Wescape”. The application, and the City’s approval, has generated enormous debate and numerous parties have opposed the proposal on various planning and economic-related grounds.


The cities this week

News and views from our cities.

80 intersections in the Cape Town city centre all the traffic lights change to red at the same time

Future Cape Town Tour: Night-Walk of the Central City

Future Cape Town Director, Rashiq Fataar, hosted Blue, The Network on an exciting night-walk tour of the Central City. Watch a short review of the event.


8 ways to build more sustainable communities

The best ideas for creating sustainable communities from our last #CityTalk