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Food Security in the South African Context

Department of Design hosted a food security workshop aimed at conceptualising key areas in which food production can be improved. Our review highlights key opinions from a variety of participants.

Source: AFP

12 reasons why cities fail

Why do cities fail? We knew that this question would provoke many different responses during our last #CityTalk on Failed Cities. Here are 12 reasons as to why cities might fail share by the participants.


Disconnection and connection in Cape Town

Brett Petzer and Rashiq Fataar of Future Cape Town assess the influences and confluences of connection in Cape Town’s spatial, institutional and economic landscape.

Wescape and the future of Cape Town

Future Cape Town was party to a packed meeting hosted by the African Centre for Cities (ACC) at the Cape Institute for Architecture (CIA) on Wednesday night at which Wescape’s defenders were able to take questions from professionals of the built environment.


The Sharing Economy: A Conversation with Neal Gorenflo

As co-founder and publisher of the online magazine Shareable, Neal Gorenflo aims to bring the “sharing economy” into the mainstream. This model — also known as “collaborative consumption” — promotes efficient use of resources, environmental care and strong communities.

The Economics of Sustainable Cities

By Joe Peach and Rashiq Fataar
Money is tight in today’s cities. We’ve lived with challenges of the ‘current economic climate’ for so long now that it should probably be renamed ‘the economic climate’, and, for some cities at least, sustainability seems to come with a price tag beyond their budgets and no guarantee of economic […]