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Fanwalk with MyCiti bus routes

What is the legacy of the Fan Walk?

What has been the legacy of Cape Town’s Fan Walk? How have our citizens appropriated it and what potential does it contain to be the beginning of activating our city at a pedestrian level?


Why every community needs a Fan Walk

What if every community had a safe route like the Fan Walk in Cape Town’s CBD?

22 Somerset Road Render

City Development Update: 22 Somerset Road

22 Somerset Road replaces an old building in the well known ‘gay’ corner of Cape Town and is situated very near the City Centre.


Bold City: A Bold Vision for the Fan Walk

Bold Idea for the Cape Town Fan Walk: The presentation proposes a bold idea for temporary and permanent pedestrian and non-motorised vehicle routes celebrating cultural and sporting activities throughout Cape Town

The future of Cape Town Stadium looks brighter

Future Cape Town welcomes the City of Cape Town’s proposed Business plan for Cape Town Stadium and Green Point Park, as a step forward in the future viability of the stadium and greater precinct.


Portside Reaches For The Sky, But Misses The Ground

The architects and engineers behind Portside, Cape Town’s rising skyscaper, shared some details of the project at a recent gathering at the Cape Institute for Architecture. Gareth Pearson shares his perspective on some of the insights from the event.


Fan Walk lessons from Istanbul

Adriaan Bester returns from Istanbul, with ideas for Cape Town’s Fan Walk, and how to bring back life to our World Cup pride and joy.

CITY SEEING: Cape Town 11 June 2011

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11 June 2011


IDEA – Philippi Stadium Fan Walk

Idea: What if Philippi Stadium got its own Fan Walk?

IDEA: Athlone Fan Walk

Idea: What if Athlone Stadium got its own Fan Walk?