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Changing face of #mycapetown | Part 1 | Graffiti walk-and-talk-about #cw2011

by Marwaan Sasman (twitter: @MrPigeonPie )
Graffiti has a very deep history in Cape Town, from past political pieces to today’s uplifting murals. The Mak1one graffiti tour during Creative Week moved all the way from the historical to the present.
Mak1one opened with a talk on the history and origins of graffiti and a short demonstration before […]


Future Nairobi: A 2030 City Masterplan – 6 new towns planned

Nairobi looks to the future with a new 2030 City Masterplan. 6 new towns planned.

Part 2: Addis Ababa – Losing Merkato. The threat of modern development. #firethebox

In response to our initial post about the Merkato Market yesterday, the following story was shared with us via a comment at our site. Essentially the culture, way of life and authenticity of Addis Ababa is being threatened by something we often hail i.e. modern development. This thesis considers the other side of development, where […]

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: Rethinking the Mall? Going up? #FireTheBox

We should make it clear at the outset that we are not a fan of giant shopping malls. At least not in their current form, and with their current symbolism as a product of urban sprawl. As cities, like Cape Town continue to face the challenges of limited and expensive land, should we rethink the […]