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Oranjezicht City Farm (OZCF) overlooking the city. Photo: Steven Bland, 2013.

WATCH: How to create a space for urban agriculture

Sheryl Ozinsky explains the benefits of urban agriculture and how it would improve the health of South Africans.

A green haven on marginal land at Woodstock Peace Garden Photo: Steven Bland, 2013

Part 2. Food in the city : Enough for all?

Part 1 of food in the city introduced us to two major food growing initiatives in Cape Town. But how different are they? And can urban food growing meet the city’s fruit and vegetable consumption needs? Here is Part 2.

Oranjezicht City Food

Food in the City part 1: A tale of two gardens

Steven Bland gets his hands dirty to explore the state of urban food growing in Cape Town in the first of this two part series.