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WATCH: What if Cape Town knocked down the Foreshore freeways?

What are some ways in which downtown Cape Town can be re-imagined? A few key changes could fundamentally change the way the Cape Town bowl is integrated in with the harbour and sea. WATCH this bold idea to reclaim the harbour.

The spaces below: Freeways and highways for people?

“Big infrastructure” in our cities, has at times, literally and figuratively disconnected and torn apart people, communities and spaces. But some projects are turning things around by embedding activity and public life into the dark and unfriendly spaces below elevated highways and rail tracks.

Winning ideas for the future of the Foreshore

From 11-15 February, Future Cape Town partnered with the UCT School of Architecture, Planning and Geomatics to explore and share possible, and impossible re-imaginings of the Foreshore area within Cape Town. The Vertical Studio Project is an annual workshop involving under- and post-graduate students fromthe school, tackling a different theme or focus area each year.

What If – we created the rules for our way of living?

What If is a week long series showcasing some of the imaginative work produced by the UCT Architecture Masters graduates of 2012.
Edition 5: rules for infrastructure, for a new way of living.

Cape Town to study options for the future of Foreshore Freeways

The City of Cape Town is expected partner with the University of Cape Town (UCT) to find creative ways to complete the unfinished highway on the city’s Foreshore.

Future Smart Reads, 26 August 2012

Future Smart Reads, a weekly installment of articles that have grabbed our attention, from cities across the world. This week brings you toilets that may save the world, a simple bicycle lane experiment and cities built without a single freeway.

Cape Town Without The Foreshore Freeways

Cape Town’s Foreshore freeway strangles the city and cuts it (and its people) off from the Port and water’s edge. With a comparison to San Francisco’s Embarcadero, Gareth Pearson questions what would happen if we did away with the Foreshore section of Nelson Mandela Boulevard altogether.

Carlisle says no to Foreshore Freeway Completion

Robin Carlisle says no to the completion of the Foreshore Freeways. Find out why.