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Serious games

Real-life development through serious gaming

Marcus Vlaar, creative director of Ranj Serious Games, wrapped up our Serious Games session. He explained that the use of gaming is in one’s ability to arrive at new solutions (but also to reveal new problems) that one may not have arrived at from more traditional methods of thinking. The objective of serious games is […]

A Sports Park Embraced by the City: The park is laterally and longitudinally traversed by countless paths at different scales, of which one of the best-used is a cycle route that confers a real speed advantage to bike commuters. 

Case Study: Guy Briggs and the Olympic Park Strategy

A review of the extensive planning behind the London Olympic Park and the Lower Lea Valley regeneration

Barcelona July 2007

In 180 seconds: Barcelona’s Olympic transformation

Watch a 3 minute “time-lapse” of Barcelona’s urban and physical transformation before the 1992 Olympic Games.