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Why community parks can improve the health of a neighbourhood : The case of Thornhill Park | FUTURE CAPE TOWN

How can community parks make for healthier neighbourhoods in all ways? Thornhill Park in Green Point was recently re-opened after a transformation which included the collaboration of the City of Cape Town, Blok, Future Cape Town and the newly formed Friends of Thornhill Park.

Company Gardens: Urban Food Garden

The Company’s Garden was originally the site of a vegetable garden over 360 years ago and supplied produce to the ships and sailors who travelled the spice trade route from the East Indies.

Cape Town’s Vertical Green Wall at the V&A Waterfront

The V&A waterfront have recently introduced their first ever vertical garden as an integral part of the new Silo No. 1 development. This is the first building site & construction project in South Africa that has incorporated vertical gardens into its site hoardings.