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LECTURE : Emerging Urban Regeneration Models : Viewpoints from North America with Adam Beck

Future Cape Town is excited to host Adam Beck to present about his work and experiences with gentrification. With examples from North America, the presentation will explore the emerging urban regeneration models.


The future of Salt River: architecture students investigate research platforms for emerging technologies| FUTURE CAPE TOWN

The third year students of the school of architecture at the University of Cape Town spent 2015 envisioning the future of Salt River. Here are some of their findings and design proposals.


FUTURE CAPE TOWN | How Phillipi Village could become a model for inclusive township regeneration

Claire du Trevou explores the new Phillipi Village development and wonders what inclusive urban regeneration means.

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FUTURE CAPE TOWN | How visualising the newspaper history of a neighbourhood can shed light on the future

What can an archive of news articles tell us about the urban development of a neighbourhood. A student projects asks how mapping media history can unpack the development and social history of an area.


FUTURE CAPE TOWN | The future of Woodstock: A review of the Change by Design workshop

Claire du Trevou reports from the ‘Change by design’ workshop hosted by Architects Sans Frontiers UK and Development Action Group (DAG), which put the regeneration of Woodstock under the microscope.

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Sea Point: can the reallest Atlantic suburb hold its own against gentrification?

Gentrification cannot be fought – but it can be bullied into a different shape. A look at where the working class live in Sea Point, and how the resilience they confer on the suburb can be kept and bolstered


Gentrification: 4 Practical Solutions for a Way Forward in Cape Town

The second Future Cape Town Summit, entitled Gentrification: Practically Speaking, took place on the 26th of June, 2013 and was hosted at the Cape Institute for Architecture in Cape Town. The meeting was a mid-morning gathering of public and private stakeholders on the panel, and was geared towards finding practical solutions on the contentious issue of gentrified spaces in the city. Here we include four practical solutions that came out of the discussion.

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On Gentrifying Neighbourhoods in Berlin and Cape Town

Gentrification. A seemingly uneasy word in the attempt to regenerate and build cities. Michellene Williams explores and contrasts the challenges and opportunities of Berlin, and how Cape Town could learn from this experience.


Exhibition: International Design Project on Gentrification

[ February 19, 2013 10:00 am to February 23, 2013 6:00 pm. ] GENTRIFICATION in Cape Town & Berlin project being exhibited at The Bank in The Fringe.


Gentrification should be worked into the City: The challenge for Cape Town

Gentrification has many forms and definitions. A recent Case Study on gentrification in Woodstock defines it is as, “a transformation of a dilapidated neighbourhood into an upgraded, attractive area with an influx of a higher social class that is pushing out the original, poorer residents”. So can gentrification work for everyone?