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FUTURE CAPE TOWN | What is a street? 10 cities explored through street films

A series of short films developed as part of the launch of the Global Street Design Guide have us going back to the drawing board, exploring past projects, articles and thoughts around the very definition of a street.

Watch: Eko Atlantic City (Part 1) – The journey to completion

Eko Atlantic City, the 10 million square meters city being built on reclaimed land is an engineering feat. It is expected that the first residents will move in by the end of this year. The progress is incredible but how will this extension of Lagos impact the city socially, economically and environmentally?

10 examples of ‘Green’ Architecture in Africa

In the world of architecture we are all trying to go ‘green’ but is this the same in Africa and if it is, how is it being manifested?

Considering African urban utopias

Satellite cities, ecovillages, and ‘lifestyle estates’ are examples of African urban experiments. The effects of these African city Utopias needs to be considered and questioned.

Visions of African urban futures yet to come

What future can be hoped and planned for in the liminal flux of uncertainty, change and displacement? There is no future. There is only survival and adaptation, playing it by fear. But new visions of African urban futures, driven by local political elites and the dazzling CGI of large international planning, design and property development firms, are quickly emerging.

The Cities This Week: Edition 16

News and views from cities around the world this week.