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Why Is Collaboration Not Working In Cities? Lecture by Adam Beck | FUTURE CAPE TOWN

A review of the lecture by Adam Beck on driving collaboration to achieve Urban Regeneration.

How to Make Local and National Governments Work Together : A Big Idea to Tackle Climate Change | FUTURE CAPE TOWN

The coming Habitat III proposal : National Urban Policy Commissions, seen as being a potential solution to apply a multi-level governance to tackle climate change.

LECTURE : Emerging Urban Regeneration Models : Viewpoints from North America with Adam Beck

Future Cape Town is excited to host Adam Beck to present about his work and experiences with gentrification. With examples from North America, the presentation will explore the emerging urban regeneration models.

FUTURE LAGOS | The race for Africa’s largest city: the beauty and beast of a city

Gubernatorial elections are upon Lagos; who are the main candidates and how will they transform Lagos in the next four years?

FUTURE LAGOS | Eko Atlantic City (part 2): The journey to completion

Eko Atlantic City, a man-made extension of Lagos, is taking shape and as it does so Future Lagos analyses the present and future economic, social and environmental impact on the rest of the city.

Flood Management and Governance Structures

The city of Lagos preparedness to combat flooding was put to test by torrential rainfall from Sunday, July 10 to Monday, July 11, 2011. The years that have followed have made the country more conscious of disaster management, but what steps need to be taken for Lagos to become resilient to flooding?

How can we build resilient cities?

[ July 17, 2013; 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm. ] Cities have always been faced with uncertainty. By their nature, the people, built environment and many other facets that make up a city are always at risk, regardless of the scale. Understanding these risks, and knowing how to prepare for them, or at least to mitigate them, requires diverse approaches. Our next #CityTalk in partnership with Asia Development Dialogue and our friends at This Big City, will look at exactly this.

Investment Potential and City Governance: Johannesburg and Cape Town

At this juncture when Moody’s has downgraded our national credit rating, foreign investors question South Africa as a destination and Johannesburg and its governance woes are in the spotlight, it is fitting to look at what governance means.