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FUTURE CAPE TOWN | Why all cities should have a Department of Food

Swathes of US society are affected by a key oversight in planning, the lack of a local food policy. Low-income households especially face the harsh consequences of scant access to sustainable, healthy food. Should we have a Department of Food?


WATCH: How can we transcend slum urbanism in Africa?

University of Cape Town professor and founding director of the African Centre for Cities, Edgar Pieterse explains the controversial logic of slum urbanism. A logic driven by the privatisation of urban services and infrastructure that creates a sharp divided in society.

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Going Green: How cities are leading the next economy- an LSE Cities report

LSE Cities launches its Going Green report in conjunction with the Rio+20 Summit.

15 of 17: South Africa’s challenges in a race towards a Green Economy

In our 15th article in a series of 17 Sustainable Ideas for COP17, Future Cape Town team member Dinika Govender argues that a consistent commitment is needed from all spheres if South Africa is to start making progress, in both reducing its carbon emissions and creating jobs – often considered to be competing goals. Govender goes on to highlight policy recommendations from the World Bank’s report on South Africa’s economy, which could address these competing goals and ensure that the move towards a truly Green Economy is in our national interest.