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WATCH : Making Urbanism Work for Africa

Africa’s urban population is set to double within the next 25 years. Cities’ populations are growing while the urban landscape is sprawling and manufacturing markets are not keep up to the employment supply. But there is opportunity to learn.

THE NEXT ECONOMY: International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam calls for projects from Africa

The International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam calls for projects under the theme THE NEXT ECONOMY. Edgar Pieterse elaborates why this theme provides a fantastic opportunity for African urban designers, architects, landscape architects, academics, artists, planners, cities, universities, companies and social organizations.

Why Africa now?

World Economic Forum on Africa in Cape Town. With an expected annual growth of 5% in 2012-2013, sub-Saharan Africa continues its transformative journey from a developing continent to a hub of global growth.

Watch: 129 years of Cape Town in 30 seconds

How has Cape Town developed and grown over 129 years and could this be captured in photography? Watch this time lapse created by Paul Bruins and see for yourself.

Should the Cape Economic Development Agency look towards the East?

According to McKinsey Quarterly, more than 20 of the world’s top 50 cities ranked by GDP will be located in Asia by the year 2025, up from 8 in 2007. With the recent approval of the Cape Economic Development Agency by the provincial cabinet, what does the output of the McKinsey research mean […]