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How Cape Town is getting smarter about parks : 6 new parks in the city | FUTURE CAPE TOWN

The Smart Park concept is aimed at providing for inclusivity, social interaction and the integration of communities. Discover 6 new smart parks initiated by the City of Cape Town.

From township to town : Why plans for Cape Town’s Metro South East could improve city life for millions | FUTURE CAPE TOWN

South African cities can no longer afford isolated and disengaged interventions. How will the investments in the Metro South East build a greater town to township link and improve city life for millions in Cape Town.

FUTURE CAPE TOWN | From Accra to Cape Town: A conversation with urbanist Victoria Okoye

Rashiq Fataar speaks with Victoria Okoye, the creator of African Urbanism, on the themes that connect her home city Accra and Cape Town.

Can Cape Town’s apartheid structure be undone?

How are Cape Town’s most urgent urban planning challenges being addressed by World Design Capital 2014?

Name Your Hood returns to the Cape Town CBD- Leave a Legacy

Name Your Hood, a private sector-led initiative which seeks to build stronger communities through interactive public neighbourhood naming campaigns, has launched the next Cape Town “City Bowl” campaign – the naming of Hood 8.

CycleLinks 0.3 Gugulethu, 15 Sept.

[ September 15, 2012; 1:00 pm to 3:01 pm. ] The cycling frenzy continues to grow and it takes us to Gugulethu to find out what cyclists are doing there to grow the movement.