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Waterfront Undergoing Significant Renovations to Food Court

The harbour-facing side of Victoria Wharf is undergoing significant renovations throughout the Winter months.

FUTURE CAPE TOWN | A vision for a new port precinct in Cape Town

A bold new vision for re-establishing the city’s links with the sea – will it be implemented, and if so, how will it work for all Capetonians?

5 things Cape Town could learn from Copenhagen

Our Capetonian in Copenhagen, Justine Bell shares her lessons from Copenhagen for Cape Town.

Ideas to jumpstart Cape Town’s economy

Having a vision, dreaming big and thinking inclusively with that vision, a focus on technology innovation and business partnering meaningfully with government, Higher Education and civil society were the central themes of Accelerate Cape Town’s AGM held today in the city.

Bold City: A Bold Vision for the Future of the Freeways

Bold Idea: The tearing down of the Cape Town raised freeways has been often been proposed as means of reinventing the foreshore. Rory’s bold idea looks beyond the highways, and at the relocation of the harbour. He also questions why the Foreshore, ignoring the freeways, is not pedestrian friendly to begin with.

Moving Cape Town’s Harbour

From certain positions, the elevated foreshore freeway looks like massive concrete ribbons that cut Cape Town off from the ocean, block views and overshadow barren land. It seems like the idea of knocking down this monument to the automobile has been discussed almost since it was constructed.

Watch: 129 years of Cape Town in 30 seconds

How has Cape Town developed and grown over 129 years and could this be captured in photography? Watch this time lapse created by Paul Bruins and see for yourself.

What If – our harbour and waterfront told new stories?

What If is a week long series showcasing some of the imaginative work produced by the UCT Architecture Masters graduates of 2012.
Edition 3: What if our harbour and waterfront told new stories?

Cape Town cruise terminal approved

Cape Town could see a new cruise terminal developed at Table Bay Harbour by 2015.

Future Harbour: Cape Town’s Harbour in 2040

What will Cape Town’s Harbour look like in 2040?