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FUTURE CAPE TOWN | How visualising the newspaper history of a neighbourhood can shed light on the future

What can an archive of news articles tell us about the urban development of a neighbourhood. A student projects asks how mapping media history can unpack the development and social history of an area.


A weekend conversation: Can Cape Town learn from Berlin?

Can Cape Town learn from Berlin? Mayra Hartmann, an engineer based in Berlin, joins Rashiq Fataar and Brett Petzer to chat about how two cities, both devastated by the architecture of division and separation can learn from one another.

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Who will build Cape Town’s iconic museum, MoCAA: Groundbreaking

How do you turn forty-two vertical concrete tubes into a place to experience contemporary culture? Here is a glimpse in to the construction process of the ZEITS Museum of Contemporary Art Africa to be complete by March 2016.


Book Review – Lagos: A Cultural and Historical Companion by Kaye Whiteman

The challenges of living in Lagos are widely anthologised, so why would anyone choose to live there? Kaye Whiteman’s book starts to answer this question.


INFOGRAPHIC: 6 Cities in Europe that Offer the Best Cultural Experiences.

Did you know that London has been rated as the 55th most livable city in the world, or that Paris has the highest number of Michelin starred restaurants? Barcelona ranks in as the city with the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites and Amsterdam is the birthplace of Vincent van Gogh and Ann Frank. This infographic, created by our friends over at HouseTrip, offers an array of fascinating facts about the six most culturally appealing cities in Europe.

Architecture, power and the secrets of the city: A Future Cape Town Walking Tour

[ September 15, 2013; 10:00 am to 12:00 pm. ] Join Future Cape Town’s Brett Petzer as we travel through time, and take a walking tour of the most beautiful buildings in the city,with a narrative based on phases of Cape Town’s planning history. The tour aims to ‘unflatten’ the Cape Town we see by looking at the history of power that made the collection of historic buildings that enrich this Station and Parliament precincts today, and the spaces in between.


Watch: Mandela Museum idea for Table Mountain

The realization of an image of Nelson Mandela in the mountains near Table mountain, conferring the example of mount Rushmore and the Crazy Horse memorial in the U.S.. On a beautiful and available place or space with a view over Cape town and Robben Island.


6 Days For 6 Million: how can today’s brightest cities come to terms with a dark past?

In trying to come to terms with the inexplicable, Pamela Hellig recently visited Poland for Holocaust Remembrance Day. Returning with more questions than answers, she ponders the most fitting way for cities to remember the periods of their history they’d prefer to forget.

Slaves and the City


Recently I read a blog post about Slave Crucifixion in Cape Town – In and around the areas of the city centre, Green Point and Woodstock from 1652 to 1795. 
I’ve always known that Cape Town is a burial ground for slaves. We’re literally breathing-walking-eating on top of thousands of unmarked graves, especially in Green Point where I […]