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Part 4

Serious about Green Roofs Part IV: Four things we need

The last part in the series focuses on South Africa’s potential for green roofs. Specialists weigh in on the potential for an emerging green roof industry.


Serious about green roofs: Are Cape Town and Durban serious?

After identifying key lessons from international best practices, Part III of our series looks at two national case studies. Despite the lack of policies and incentives for these innovations in South Africa, the following studies show potential for the introduction of a green roof industry.

Part 2

Serious about green roofs: 4 cities embracing green roofs

The second part of the four part series, “Serious about Green Roofs” provides a series of international case studies from cities across the world. Tune in next week to look at green roofs from a local context.

Roof Garden London

Are green roofs the answer to creating sustainable livelihoods:Part 1

In Part 1 of a 4 part series, Karla Booysen explores “Green Urbanism”,the investment in infrastructure focusing on the greening of developments and how it can create sustainable livelihoods.