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WATCH: Extreme Urbanism III- Planning for Conservation: Looking at Agra | FUTURE CAPE TOWN

Harvard GSD Options Studio students explore planning for conservation in Agra and explore how to sustainably integrate tourism, local communities and cultural heritage.

FUTURE CAPE TOWN | What is a street? 10 cities explored through street films

A series of short films developed as part of the launch of the Global Street Design Guide have us going back to the drawing board, exploring past projects, articles and thoughts around the very definition of a street.

Jozi embraces the tuk-tuk. Can it work?

For those on a budget, or those willing to forgo the perceived ‘safer’ options, a tuk-tuk has always been the first choice. Whether bouncing around on the streets of Vientiane, Phnom Penh, Bangkok, Mumbai, Kolkata or Dhaka, their infamous darting manoeuvrability, gap-taking and general lack of rule following is universal.

The Cities This Week: Edition 33

News and views from cities around the world this week.

Delhi choosing high-rise over consultative planning despite national consensus on slums

Going against the national government’s own best practices and the consensus of urban planners worldwide, the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) continues to shift thriving urban communities into lifeless high-rise residential towers, ignorant of the economic base the existing neighbouroods provide to their residents, as Greg Randolph shows in Govindpuri.

Finding great streets in India’s Dharavi Slum

The Australian Transport Planner Rachel Smith visited Dharavi, one of India’s largest slums, and found that the streets are alive: As a mixed-use self-contained residential and commercial ‘development’ with a guesstimated population in excess of 1 million, Dharavi has a real, and very genuine, sense of community.

Unlocking the energy challenge

How do we secure our Energy future? A panel discussion at COP18 in Doha including Future Influencers.

Future Smart Reads, 14 October 2012

Our favourite ideas and articles from around the world this week, including apps, reclaimed rail tracks, a stalled urban development boom, and a housing fund for the world’s poor.