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The MyCiTi system as at 14 December 2013.

Another Bus Route for Sea Point

This weekend sees another route launched in Sea Point for the MyCiTi bus IRT system.

San Francisco Exit Fare

The heaven and hell of public transport in the US: Exit fares and 90’s sitcoms

Having traveled to various US cities, Andre-Pierre du Plessis shares his perspectives on the effectiveness of various transport modes, from the East Coast to the West Coast.


Mobility is key to every aspect of our lives, so why is it halted?

Some things will happen, no matter what procedural process or policies they are required to go through. So why then, has the MyCiTi bus system once again fallen victim to postponements, which is prohibiting competition, stifling economic progress and denying the right to decent transport.

Cape Town Rail Map

Have Metrorail really improved by 30 ways in 30 weeks?

We asked a number of actual Metrorail commuters to provide us feedback on the apparent 30 improvements made by Metrorail in 30 Days.


Express bus service coming to Khayelitsha, Mitchell’s Plain by 2014

We look at the city’s plans to introduce an Express MyCiTi bus service to the Metro South East by December 2013.


Transport for Cape Town: A new era for South Africa

A review of the launch of Cape Town’s new Transport Authority, Transport for Cape Town which took place yesterday at Cape Town’s City Hall.

NMT Bicycle Lanes

Public Participation on Transport: Real Collaborative Value or Procurement Checkbox?

Were the Transport public participation workshops a real chance for collaboration or a procurement checkbox?

Bus lane at Battersea Bridge

MyCiTi Update: Newest Proposed Road Changes for Sea Point

MyCiTi will soon be operating in Sea Point. With all the suggestions, the city has made two options for road changes to accommodate the MyCiTi. Which proposal do you prefer?

Launch of Main Road BMT Lane Enforcement

[ October 24, 2012; ] The official launch of the priority public transport bus lanes in the Southern Suburbs.