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Potential sale of valuable land in Clifton is planned

The City of Cape Town is moving ahead with its controversial plans to sell municipal land between Clifton and Camps Bay. This is despite the fact that the area cannot legally be developed in its current state. One of the most valuable pieces of land in Cape Town is to be sold for development, netting the […]

The hyphotetical South African City

The South African Financial and Fiscal Commission (FFC), has developed a ‘hypothetical’ South African city based on the major characteristics shared by South African cities.

Taking Cape Town into the 21st century. How?

By Alistair Mackay | @almackay

Cape Town’s population has increased by half a million people in the past five years, said Deputy Mayor Ian Neilson at the UCT GSB on Wednesday night. And the migration of people is expected to continue for the foreseeable future, putting a significant strain on our city. We are running out […]