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Plan and vision for Trafalgar Park in Woodstock

Image credits : Square 1 Landscape Architects

Trafalgar Park is a substantial park with a rich cultural and archaeological heritage.With the help of the communities of Woodstock and District Six, an Integrated Management Framework (IMF) for Trafalgar Park has been developed which will help to drive the vision for the beautification, landscaping and heritage upgrades of […]

Thesis Thursday: The Lion Couchant

Thesis Thursday is an architectural series showcasing a selection of dissertations produced by the UCT M.Arch (prof) graduates of 2013. Week 5: Charlton studies the ontological landscape of Lion Mountain

Parks and Gardens Development: The Lagos Example – A Response

In response to the article ‘Parks and Gardens Development: The Lagos Example’, we explore the successes and failures of the landscaping and beautification programme.

Remembering New York: City and Memory

How can memorials find the middle ground as places of remembrance while still opening up to the people of the city and the world?

WATCH: Master in Design Studies- Urbanism, Landscape, Ecology.

Over the past decade, longstanding disciplinary divides between the urban and the ecological have given way to more fluid, polyvalent and potentially more productive relations. The challenges of the built environment have rarely, at any time, corresponded to traditional disciplinary or professional boundaries.

Your City Idea: Win a LandScape Architecture Cape Town Book

Your City Idea for better and improved public spaces could win you a LandScape Architecture Cape Town book.

Case Study: The under-side of Cape Town

by Robert Bowen
No side effect of modernism quite assaults the senses like an underpass.

No more downtrodden a hierarchy will you find in a modern urban planning scheme than the gloriously neglected afterthought that is the underpass.
Back when direct rail lines and massive freeways were the way […]