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Cape Town's City Hall lit up for the Royal Family visit in 1947. How could light be used now to bring life back to City Hall and the Grand Parade at night? Image: Eliot Elisofon

Bringing life to the city with light

Can life be brought back to Cape Town’s night-time streets with light? Gareth Pearson makes a case for transformation of spaces, through the power of light.


Helsinki’s Lightshow Silo

Cape Town will hopefully bring us some exciting projects and spaces during World Design Capital 2014. Here’s a project currently underway in Helsinki for World Design Capital 2012.


City Space: A team visit to the Hangberg Playground

One evening in February a few members of our Future Cape Town team visited the playground in Hangberg, Hout Bay. Driving up into Hangberg it is clear that the community is poor. The houses are small and makeshift structures nestle between more formalised houses. There are shops that operate out of crates. Much like the […]


A sun for Trafalgar Square

January 23rd. One of the most depressing days of the year. Its a Monday. Christmas is long gone, but the bills are coming in. Another week until pay day. And there is little daylight.
To change things for the better, greyworld created a special Sun, which spread its dawn light throughout Trafalgar Square for one day […]