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Archive : Why mapping our cities can help us plan the future : Introducing the Atlas of Social Maps|FUTURE CAPE TOWN

Social Life created an Atlas of Social Maps, a database of social mapping examples, tools, and methods that can help us find new perspectives on urban social life and social innovation in cities.

FUTURE LONDON | Jan Gehl & Richard Rogers talk liveable cities

London played host to two of the world’s best-recognised urban thinkers this week, as they considered the ins and outs of the ‘liveable city’.

Moving from Splintered and Slum Urbanism to Liveable Urbanism

Exploring what Lagos needs to do to move from being an unequal, slum prone city to a more inclusive, ‘liveable’ city.

If Cape Town made Monocle’s liveable cities list

Every year Monocle magazine publishes its list of 25 most liveable cities. How does Cape Town compare to the this year’s top 25?

The world’s most liveable city is?

Rashiq Fataar unpacks his mind on this issue of liveability and questions whether using the rankings and applying our minds could not help cities reach towards their own definition of liveability.

What are Liveable Cities?

How do we define Liveability and Liveable Cities? A presentation by Rashiq Fataar in Pretoria earlier this year.