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WATCH: A vision for a more cycling-friendly London

Design expert and avid cyclist Peter Murray recalls some of his favourite cycling experiences in London and considers strategies for improving cycling infrastructure in the city.


Top architects and planners back new London Cycle Superhighways

Some of London’s top architects and planners come out in support of new cycle superhighways for the capital.

Kingston's plans for the £30million include a boardway along the River Thames

‘Mini-Hollands’ for London?

London’s Mayor has pledged to go “as Dutch as possible” in his quest to improve cycling infrastructure in the city- is this a meaningful reference point for London?


The Skycycle: A Plan for the People?

Julia Thayne considers the latest proposal to enter London’s precarious cycle safety debate: the Skycycle. A multi-million pound plan that lift cycle routes off London’s streets- is this a plan for the people?

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How cycling in London could be more like Copenhagen

Tom Payne takes a comparative look cycling infrastructure in Copenhagen and London in search of answers as to why cycling infrastructure in London remains so poor.