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Watch: Why is it so expensive to build in London?

This video from the Economist reveals how these high costs arise thanks to the city’s historic infrastructure. Vast networks of underground tunnels, unexploded World War II bombs, ancient Roman ruins, and narrow medieval roads all contribute to the complexity of construction in the city.

Smiljan Radic's Serpentine Pavilion. Photo by George Rex/ flickr

London’s summer pavilion

Every year a patch of Hyde Park is transformed according to a different architect’s fancy. Take a look at this year’s Serpentine Pavilion.


Voices of the City: Papa Omotayo

This week, we interview Papa Omotayo, Architect and Lagos resident for 9 years.

London's evolving skyline. Source: raph.ae// flickr

WATCH: The Towers Debate: Does London need more tall buildings?

Watch a key debate on one of the biggest issues facing the future of London’s built environment. To rise up and up or to continue to build the urban fabric at a scale and height

The Braided Valley / Grupo Aranea. Image © Jesus Granada

The best public spaces in Europe?

A look at this year’s winners of the prestigious European Prize for Urban Public Space.

London Fog by Duncan WJ Palmer/ Flickr

Wake-up call for high-rise developments in London

Justinien Tribillon delves into the debate around the future of London’s skyline.

Source: Glasgow 2014

The Cities This Week: Edition 60

News and views from cities around the world this week.

Lam Yik Fei/Getty Images

The Cities This Week: Edition 59

News and views from cities around the world this week.

AFP Photo / Martin Bernetti)

The Cities This Week: Edition 58

News and views from cities around the world this week.

The Guggenheim New York, Bilbao and Abu Dhabi. Images (clockwise from top left) © Flickr CC User Erik Drost, © Flickr CC User RonG8888, and Courtesy of Gehry Partners. Image

Could London be Getting its Own Guggenheim Museum?

Will London be the newest location for the world-famous museum brand? And does it need it?