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R1 million public art competition launched

Are you a visionary installation artist? If so, this is your chance! The Western Cape Government has announced a call for entries for a permanent installation piece to be constructed in downtown Cape Town. The selected piece should encompass Cape Town’s incredible culture while being a visionary icon of the city. Read about the competition specifics and requirements to find out more!

Creating better streets for Cape Town. How?

Future Cape Town hosted its 4th summit on the topic: The long and short of better streets with Open Streets Cape Town. The aim of this summit was to discuss creative ways for Cape Town to manage and design its streets to have a sense of identity and existence apart from their role as simple transport routes.

Long Street Public Events Space. When?

Cape Town Carnival
Who will make the case for Long Street? How many more major events and “Final Draws” and “Cape Town Carnivals” will fill the length and breadth of Long Street before its given a “Fan Walk” treatment suitable for events? As an established public events space, permanent infrastructure now needs to be installed to […]