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FUTURE LONDON | Lighting our Cities: more than meets the eye

Future London speaks to the founders and participants of a new project in London aiming to better understand the role of lighting in our cities and to encourage more collaborative public lighting design strategies.

London's evolving skyline. Source: flickr

WATCH: The Towers Debate: Does London need more tall buildings?

Watch a key debate on one of the biggest issues facing the future of London’s built environment. To rise up and up or to continue to build the urban fabric at a scale and height


Urban Age Conference: Day 1 Review

Day 1 of the Urban Age Electric City Conference is done and dusted. A roundup of highlights, key terms and take-away lessons…plus a look into why Boris and the PM dropped in.


Urban Age Electric City: Preview

The 11th Urban Age Conference is upon us- this year themed around the idea of the Electric City. What can we look forward to?

Ricky Burdett about cities of the future

You can become very depressed about cities of the future when you look at all the challenges facing us. But the more I go and visit cities and through the work we do at The London School of Economics, the more I think that there are solutions. They depend on people rather than policies – […]