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FUTURE LAGOS | Part 2: Resilient Cities; are we ready to live on water?

Makoko, a community disowned by its city could be the answer to African coastal cities preparing for climate change.

Rendering of a Neighborhood Hotspot

FUTURE LAGOS | Part 1: How to live and work with water in the future city

Unearthing some guiding principles that will promote a sufficient and respectful engagement of people living with water in the Lagos context.


Watch: Lagos Rising – Where next for “Africa’s London”?

Lagos is the world’s fastest growing megacity, riding on a lucrative oil industry and expanding economy. But while skyscrapers furnish the business elite, millions in the city’s slums wonder if they will benefit.

Lagos Island 

Lagos’ transformation into a mega-city: A visionary Governor?

Lagos is changing and slowly but surely evolving for the better into Africa’s mega-city. Governor Babatunde Fashola has made tremendous steps to transform the face of this megacity and Alkasim Abdulkadir share some of the changes along the way.


Makoko: ‘Venice of Lagos’

The story of Makoko (a low-income settlement on water and land) is one of slum clearance, forced eviction, perseverance, resistance, collaboration, and urban regeneration.

planning in Makoko

How communities live on water?

There are phenomena or ways of living that are around us but we do not understand them. Makoko is a water settlement in Lagos where thousands of people live, work, play, and study. Understanding urban planning on water is becoming increasingly important for cities like Lagos.