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The incomplete Foreshore Freeways: Proposals from private sector to be welcomed

Mayor Patricia de Lille announces that private sector bids will be invited to resolve the future of the Foreshore Freeways.

Why the Philippi Horticultural Area matters : securing Cape Town’s water, food and economic security | FUTURE CAPE TOWN

Academics from the University of Cape Town unite in their disapproval of plans by the Mayor to build housing on the Philippi Horticultural Area. The argument has been further supported by Kevin James of GCX Africa recently.

FUTURE CAPE TOWN | Meet the best mayors in Africa

Who are the best leaders and governors in Africa?

If Mayors Ruled the World

Many mayors are impressive figures and time appears to be on their side. Nation states (particularly the large ones) have an increasingly hard time and, in the context of a process of globalization, cities, and particularly small city-states, increasingly emerge victorious. Cities have first-hand experience with many of the things that occur in globalization’s wake, such as immigration and cultural and religious diversity, and are generally less dogmatic and more practical in dealing with them.

Turning the tide on urban decay

In early 2012, the City of Cape Town tasked the Mayoral Urban Regeneration Programme (MURP) with resuscitating areas which had suffered under years of urban decay through efforts focused on improving safety and security, the quality of life and rectifying various socio-economic ills left behind in the wake of apartheid. We reflect on the opportunities and challenges of this massive task.

The Cities this Week: Edition 7

News and views from cities around the world this week.

Cape Town’s Mayor on using design to transform a City, and build its future

The Mayor of Cape Town, Patricia de Lille on how cities can use design to create the future that citizens aspire to

8 of 17: South Africa’s leaders on COP17

In the 8th article in our series of 17 Sustainable Ideas for COP17, we share the statements made by the Mayor of Cape Town and Durban as well as the President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, in the lead up to COP17. Joe Peach of This Big City looks at the key statements made by […]

To billboard or not to billboard? Mayor of Cape Town, @PatriciadeLille adds a voice of reason

To billboard or not to billboard? We have previously covered the issue from two angles.
Firstly, we considered, the role of a large, electronic, “Picadilly Circus” like billboard, introduced to the Strand Adderley intersection, as means of re-invigorating a series of dull facades which exist there. In addition it considers rethinking how billboards can be used […]