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FUTURE CAPE TOWN | When young urbanists took over our Instagram

We look back at the most popular and thought-provoking photography from our #CityTakeover campaign on Instagram which kicked off in December 2014.

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Metrorail has been offering classes in Buddhist philosophy (specifically, detachment from earthly desires) pretty much since it opened – They’re compulsory, and they start every time you step on board.

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The State of Transport in Cape Town: an interview with Brett Herron

Editor, Rashiq Fataar interviews Brett Herron, Mayoral Committee Member for Transport in Cape Town to get a grip on the state of transport in Cape Town and the future ambitions of South Africa’s second largest city.

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Cape Town deserves a reliable and predictable train service

Users of the Metrorail will be pleased to read that there is a long-term plan to upgrade the track and trains, even if the details are somewhat sketchy. However, a crucial ingredient appears to be missing – the basic quality of the service for the people who use it. Does the Metrorail care about it’s customers?


Good Bicycle Week in Cape Town

The last week in Cape Town saw bicycles indefinitely being allowed on the Sea Point Promenade as well as Metrorail initiation a pilot program of allowing bicycle on the Southern Line.

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South Africa to purchase new trains to replace ancient rail fleet

The Gibela Rail Transport Consortium (Gibela), comprising Alstom-Actom has beaten out several other rail companies and consortia, to be named as the preferred supplier for the PRASA Rolling Stock Fleet Renewal Programme which will see “3600 vehicles delivered over a 10 year period from 2015 to 2025, with a cost implication of R51 billion”.
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Cape Town Rail Map

Have Metrorail really improved by 30 ways in 30 weeks?

We asked a number of actual Metrorail commuters to provide us feedback on the apparent 30 improvements made by Metrorail in 30 Days.


Transport for Cape Town: A new era for South Africa

A review of the launch of Cape Town’s new Transport Authority, Transport for Cape Town which took place yesterday at Cape Town’s City Hall.

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Cape Town’s new Transport Authority

What will a new Transport Authority mean for the future of rail services in Cape Town?

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New Metrorail trains could arrive by 2014

This week Lucky Montana, CEO of the Passanger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA), announced that the first train could be delivered by 2014 or 2015.