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Building a City of Neighborhoods

Architect Mokena Makeka discusses housing inequality in Cape Town, and gives Urban Africa an insight into his dreams for the city. Interview by Future Cape Town’s Brett Petzer.

Modila Museum

WATCH: Video fly-through of MoDILA. Cape Town’s Guggenheim?

“Whilst architects have retained their traditional strength of cultural and aesthetic formal considerations, they have lost their numeracy and the ability to demonstrate that architectural intention and performance need not be diametrically opposed concerns, and in a nation which is still largely design illiterate, the price that society pays for ill conceived and overly simplified solutions […]

Upgrading of Cape Town Station’s Strand Street Facade

Construction is currently underway to upgrade the outer facade of Cape Town Station on the Strand Street section. Below shows the history of design proposals for the facade.
What we have before us are two solutions to the same design inquiry. Where one proposal is bold loud and attention grabbing the other steps back humbly falling […]

A new way to think about Cape Town by Mokena Makeka and Rory Williams

by Mokena Makeka and Rory Williams
Our politicians have been quick to latch onto the idea that design is part of the city-building process, and that public transport is something that should be designed to create a more equitable and inclusive city.
This is true, of course, but what the World Design Capital (WDC) brings to […]


Video: A glimpse into Cape Town 2030. A connected city.

This is the vision for a section of the Cape Town CBD for the year 2030. The idea is the brain child of Mokena Makeka, the Principal and Creative Director of Makeka Design Lab.