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Olympic Cities: Urbanisation and Basketball Success

What is the link between urbanisation rates and basketball success? All competitive national teams have seen positive urbanization rates in the last four decades, with at least 60% of people living in cities in each nation. Theodore Brown of This Big City investigates.

A rust-covered stairway in the 2004 Athens Olympic Games Complex. Picture: Oli Scarff/Getty Images Europe

In Pictures: Olympic Decay

Olympic Cities can spend billions in preparation for their hosting duties but without a long-term strategy what happens to Olympic infrastructure once the Games leave town?

Vancouver's Stadium district is densely populated and well-connected

Rethinking Urban Stadium Designs

The bulk of our built environment is made of places to live, work, and shop, so the stadium is a uniquely modern phenomenon. As sites of major events for short periods of time, many stadia become white elephants, destined to stand as reminders of past visions of grandeur. That needs to change. This Big City’s Adam Nowek considers.


Olympic Citizen: Sydney

How do the Olympic Games impact on the citizens of a city? We interview citizens from each Olympic Host City of the past two decades on what it means to be an Olympic Citizen.


Sounds of a City: Why Cape Town needs noises and sounds,

Robert Bowen argues that to get the best out of a city, some noise and sound, needs to be a part of the package.

Picture: © Glowimages/Getty Images

Olympic Cities: Legacies

With the question of legacy weighing heavily on the upcoming 2012 London Games, Future Cape Town considers the lasting legacies in the Olympic Cities of the past two decades.