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WATCH: How art is promoting the role of women in Rio’s favelas| FUTURE CAPE TOWN

French artist JR, uses huge photos of the faces and eyes of local women on houses in Rio’s favelas, to promote the key role of women in society.

All Eyes on Sochi

As the Winter Olympics prepares to kick off in Sochi, Future Cape Town takes a look at the best writing around on this year’s controversial host city.

WATCH: How do we extract the maximum legacy from major events?

A video interview series by Future Cape Town, shot in 2011, unpacking the concept of liveability under various themes including the definition of liveability, transport, events, densification, tourism and urban form.

WATCH: New National Stadium for Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics

The National Stadium used for the 1964 Summer Olympics, located in Kasumigaoka, in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan, will essentially be torn down in 2015 to make way for the new venue in time for the 2019 Rugby World Cup and the 2020 Summer Olympics. It will also be the future home of the Japanese national football team.

WATCH: What happens after the Olympic Games?

What happens after the Olympic Games? London’s investment in legacy continues, as £300m will be spent on transforming the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park into a new piece of London after the Games.

Mega-events and citizens

Is there a link between mega-events and human rights? Jay Naidoo and Danny Jordaan discuss the aspects of mega-events which impact on human development.

Rio to host the 2016 Olympic Games: Will they do it right?

Will Rio do it right? After three failed attempts, Claudia Huerta of This Big City considers Rio de Janeiro’s successful Olympic bid and the progress of its preparations for the 2016 Games.

Olympic Cities: Urbanisation and Basketball Success

What is the link between urbanisation rates and basketball success? All competitive national teams have seen positive urbanization rates in the last four decades, with at least 60% of people living in cities in each nation. Theodore Brown of This Big City investigates.

London 2012: Underground

Joe Peach of This Big City considers the challenges and changes facing London’s underground transport network in light of the 2012 Olympic Games.

Olympic Citizen: Rio de Janeiro

How do the Olympic Games impact on the citizens of a city? We interview citizens from each Olympic Host City of the past two decades on what it means to be an Olympic Citizen.