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Plan and vision for Trafalgar Park in Woodstock

Image credits : Square 1 Landscape Architects
Trafalgar Park is a substantial park with a rich cultural and archaeological heritage.With the help of the communities of Woodstock and District Six, an Integrated Management Framework (IMF) for Trafalgar Park has been developed which will help to drive the vision for the beautification, landscaping and heritage upgrades of […]

London’s Olympic Park

Take an animated fly-through of the London 2012 Olympic Park, ahead of the start of the Games on 27 July. It is one of the largest urban parks created in Europe for more than 150 years.

Rio 2016 Olympic Park Competition:Awarded:1st place – Project 147 Arch. William (Bill) Hanway AECOM

Rio 2016 Olympic Park Competition:
1st place – Project 147
Arch. William (Bill) Hanway
AECOM do Brasil Ltda.
2nd place – Project 131
Arch. Ron Turner
Group “Aquele Abraço”
3rd place – Project 119
Arch. Tomás Almeida Fernandes Salgado
Risco, Projectistas e Consultores de Design, S.A.
1st honorable mention – Project 126
Arch. Camilo Cortesão dos Santos Pinto
2º honorable mention – Project 102
Arch. James Grose
BVN […]