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A Success Story in large-scale Informal Settlement Upgrading : Learning from Thailand | FUTURE CAPE TOWN

Read how the Thai government is collaborating with cooperatives to upgrade informal settlements at a large scale. Can South Africa take a leaf out of Thailand’s book?

FUTURE CAPE TOWN | The future of Woodstock: A review of the Change by Design workshop

Claire du Trevou reports from the ‘Change by design’ workshop hosted by Architects Sans Frontiers UK and Development Action Group (DAG), which put the regeneration of Woodstock under the microscope.

Istanbul’s idea to merge city blocks

A new approach to construction is being developed in Istanbul based on the voluntary merging of city blocks. In the 3blocks1block regeneration model, development bonuses encourage three formerly separate building blocks to be merged into one, enabling better design opportunities, a greater capacity for green areas, and space for public buildings, parking lots and wide roads.