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A idea for a better Long Street, dragged and dropped together in just a few minutes using Streetmix.

Design your own Long Street

A simple online app called Streetmix allows anyone to re-imagine a street by dragging and dropping different street elements. How might we collectively generate ideas for a better Long Street using this tool? Share your own ideas for Long Street and we’ll choose our favourites at the end of October.

What could a Buitengracht gateway bridge look like...

Foreshore’s Burning Question

Our city is facing an exciting prospect, albeit a scary one for some; the completion of the Foreshore Freeways. Andres de Wet looks at some of the options for the future of the freeways.

Seating on Long Street's narrow sidewalks

In Search of a Place to Sit in Cape Town

One would think the simple ritual of sitting down would be easy to do, but in Cape Town, your options are limited. Public benches seem to be reserved for parks, with some placed around a few of the city’s public squares, though it is the city’s streets where there is more to see.