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Designing Cities | Parts 1 to 5

Part 1: Continuing to build housing along apartheid settlement lines will cost public purse R20 billion : The Sowetan
Part 2: Problems of Cape Town’s outlying townships demand strategies to densify the centre : Andrew Fleming, Cape Town Partnership
Part 3: Cities should plan for densification – Thought from South America : Alistair Mackay, Future Cape Town
Part 4: Lord Rogers : […]

Lord Rogers: “this is the age of cities…the only sustainable form of development is the compact, polycentric city”

This is an extract of a speech by Lord Rogers, in response to the draft National Planning Policy Framework, in the UK, consisting of a set of reforms aimed at making the planning system less complex and more accessible, and to promote sustainable growth.

This is the age of cities. More than half the world’s population […]