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FUTURE CAPE TOWN | A vision for a new port precinct in Cape Town

A bold new vision for re-establishing the city’s links with the sea – will it be implemented, and if so, how will it work for all Capetonians?

5 inspiring stories of public space

What are some of our favourite and most inspiring public space projects and stories from around the world? Here are 5 of them!

Busan’s new Opera House aims to bring new life to its Port

Busan’s urban problem – how to reconcile a large container port, historically part of the city, with the need to connect the city and its inhabitants to the sea.

Future Harbour: Cape Town’s Harbour in 2040

What will Cape Town’s Harbour look like in 2040?

Cape Town to get cruise liner terminal

It has taken years of intense lobbying, but now plans are under way for Cape Town to get a cruise liner terminal at Table Bay Harbour.
And the move will no doubt boost the city’s tourism income substantially.
Last week Transnet issued a call for submissions of interest in the funding, construction and operation of a terminal.
In […] On June 18th 2010 the Porto Maravilha (Wonderful Port) project took a st

On June 18th 2010 the Porto Maravilha (Wonderful Port) project took a step nearer completion, as the city council sanctioned a bill introducing tax relief on municipal developments in the port district. The move was the latest in a series of bills aimed at clearing the way for the major urban regeneration plan, […]