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Your City Idea: Tour Cape Town’s new tallest building

[ September 29, 2012; 10:00 am to 11:00 am. ] Cape Town’s new tallest building, Portside, currently under construction, will be the first significant high-rise in Cape Town since Safmarine House in 1993. Join us on a tour!

City Developments Update: Portside

Future Cape Town showcases the progress on site at various major and minor buildings being constructed or refurbished in Cape Town.

Portside Reaches For The Sky, But Misses The Ground

The architects and engineers behind Portside, Cape Town’s rising skyscaper, shared some details of the project at a recent gathering at the Cape Institute for Architecture. Gareth Pearson shares his perspective on some of the insights from the event.

Portside, Cape Town: Architects and Engineers share their ideas

[ June 19, 2012; 5:30 pm to 8:01 pm. ]

Designed jointly by DHK and Louis Karol Architects the 148-metre Portside will be the highest building in Cape Town’s CBD, the first new skyscraper since 1993. The design had to include such diverse requirements as sensitivity to the local the historical and environmental context, follow green building principles and meet seismic requirements.

Join in for an event […]

Excitement about Portside turns to suspicion

Statement prepared by Andres de Wet (Founder, Breede Valley Partnership) and Issued by Andres de Wet and Rashiq Fataar (Editor, Future Cape Town)

Read more about Portside, Cape Town’s new tallest tower and 22 Bree, a 60m tall, modern siblin

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Portside: Starting to rise

Portside: starting to rise

22 Bree: tearing down the old

22 Bree: tearing down the old

22 Bree: tearign down the old

Read more about Portside, Cape Town’s new tallest tower and 22 Bree, a […]

Portside II Update: Cape Town’s new tallest building

Good progress is being made overall.
They have reached the “final excavation level” over the tower block section and core base. The big hole in picture (just off-centre to the right) is actually the hole for the massive main core base which is going to be approximately 700m3 of concrete. The lateral support is progressing well […]

139m tall Skyscraper for Cape Town: Portside II

The form and massing of the building follows a traditional typology with a clearly defined base , tower shaft and articulated top. The base is comprised of a parking podium lifted up to create an appropriately scaled active pedestrian zone below and sky plaza above. Addressing the scale at the base of the building has […]