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Moving Parliament from Cape Town to Pretoria: Treasury crunches the numbers

Since Jacob Zuma’s SOTN address in February, the debate over moving Parliament to Pretoria has reignited and feasibility studies have been conducted.

FUTURE CAPE TOWN | Gated communities lock cities into cycles of inequality

Séverine Deneuvlin and Roy Maconachie look at gated communities in the context of Buenos Aires. They show that gated communities in the Argentine capital reflect crime fears in a nation where 86% reported feelings of insecurity.

What are Liveable Cities?

How do we define Liveability and Liveable Cities? A presentation by Rashiq Fataar in Pretoria earlier this year.

Pretoria’s BRT System: How will it work?

Pretoria’s new BRT system is in planning, and this video covers some of the main features.