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Future Cape Town in New York

Future Cape Town will be travelling to New York between May 25 and June 10 to participate in a conference at the Harvard Business Club, and meet with people and organisations operating in the field of urbanism.

Rashiq Fataar will be attending the Harvard Business Review and Siemens’ Future Influencers Global Meeting on May 27-29 in New York City in his capacity as Managing Director of Future Cape Town, and as a member of Future Influencers. Future Influencers is a global think tank, initiated by Siemens, connecting today’s and tomorrow’s thought leaders, on key future sustainability topics – through networking, debates and collecting ideas.

Editorial: The real-time puzzle of creating a Liveable City

The first in a series of pieces by the Editor of Future Cape Town, Rashiq Fataar.
It takes every kind of people and idea to create a Liveable City.

Becoming a city for people requires a complex mesh of ideas, strategies, individuals and organizations, geared towards a single goal.

The implications are that we need to think hard, […]