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City intersections to priorities pedestrians

Image credits :, David Ritchie

At about 80 intersections in the Cape Town city centre all the traffic lights change to red at the same time, giving pedestrians the chance to cross the street without fear of passing cars.
Pedestrian control is part of a larger project to improve traffic signal timing at the 110 intersections […]

Cape Town skatepark wins international award

Cape Town Gardens Skatepark, was announced as the winner, in the professional category of PLAYscapes, an international design competition

Reflecting on the N1 accident

Es Ntshuntshe reflects on the freak accident on the N1 national road in Cape Town, and ponders on how infrastructure investment, legislation and policy can play a part in safer roads and integrated transport systems.

Random acts of kindness, and respect, on Open Streets

How can daily random acts of kindness shift the culture and respect on South Africa’s streets?

Open Streets: Call for volunteers

Open Streets needs volunteer marshals to help keep streets ‘open’ for the day!

2 of 17: People + Vehicles = Shared Space

For most of us, when we’re walking in the city, the safest place to be is on the pavement or sidewalk. However a new movement in urban street design, called ‘Shared Space’, is challenging this kind of thinking.

Ideas for the Strand-Adderley street intersection.

How should the Strand-Adderley street intersection be fixed or improved?